Hi reader, my name is Sophia Sporn. I am a fourth-year international and European Law Student at Hague University. Originally from Mexico but also half-Israeli. What initially drove me to international law was certain situations I witnessed in Mexico and observing a disconnect between regulation and practices. I was keen to understand how these came about and whether anything could be done. Especially I decided to start at an International and European level. I believe Mexico’s national borders did not limit most of the issues I observed, and to address them, bigger shared responsibilities exist or need to be created among states. I wanted to understand existing responsibilities and how these responsibilities come about. Needless to point out, the European Union’s practice is a great example of how to address complex concerns and situations.

When searching for an Internship, Panteia, and its Society and Economy team seemed very fitting for me, especially given that they know the importance of Sustainable Development Goals. I resonate with Panteia’s involvement in bridging that gap between policies and practices to move forward sustainably. Equally important, it seemed like the perfect environment to further develop key competencies for my legal education and career. Some of these competencies are legal research, analysis, policy applied research, evaluation and impact assessment, professional communication, and teamwork skills. I started only a month ago, and I’ve been learning a lot already about interconnected and complex aspects of society. It has been eye-opening and very rewarding to dive into some of these new concepts and processes to understand further and hopefully help contribute toward more integrated and sustainable policies and to do so while working with an amazing team.

Other than my passion and curiosity about International and European Law, some of my other interests are more relaxed and less academic oriented. I enjoy seeing friends, especially in the Netherlands; you meet people from all places and backgrounds, and some very fun and interesting conversations always arise. I’ve also started to boulder, which is nice because it is like solving puzzles while getting the benefit of moving your body. I am a very big food lover, so you can always catch me exploring new places and foods on the weekends. In addition, I like museums, which is a great interest to combine while travelling.

I am very excited about what is yet to come during my internship, all the learning experiences I can hopefully gain while working on projects and proposals for the Society and Economy unit, and of course, meeting nice and helpful people here at Panteia.





Bredewater 26
2715 CA Zoetermeer

Postbus 7001
2701 AA Zoetemeer


079 322 2000


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